Wednesday, 5 May 2010

More L'Occitane make up!

My local L'Occitane has finally got the eyeshadow duos in, so of course I bought them all! :) They come in 3 colours, light purple with dark purple, yellow with brown and light pink with burgundy. The bigger, lighter coloured half is more of a highlighter / all over colour, little bit shimmery, and the darker bits are more crease colours. They are all pretty, quite sheer, really lovely. My favourite is the light pink / burgundy duo, especially as the burgundy is a bit shimmery as well, really lovely colour.

I also picked up one of the lipsticks, shade number 03. I think they didn't have this one last time because I really like this and the lipsticks I tested last time I wasn't too keen on. It's a lovely shimmery pinky-coral shade, quite sheer, but really glossy. Lovely. :)

I'm still ooh-ing and ah-ing about the bronzer powder, but I think I will leave it as I've already bought way too much from this collection.

See some product and swatch photos below...


  1. Oooh...I like the look of this! I might have to drag my bloke out to the shops again this weekend to have a look.

    The packaging is quite funny...when I saw the first picture I thought they were seed packets! Free seeds with make up?? LOL

  2. That lipstick looks lovely. The burgundy eyeshadow is very pretty too.

    I agree with the Ms. Wedgie, I'm not sure how a feel about the packaging. It's very different and very un-cosmetics like. I'm presuming it's quite sturdy card?
    Jane x


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