Sunday, 9 May 2010

My Mac Pret-A-Papier haul

Mac's new collection Pret-A-Papier has arrived in the UK last Thursday and of course I had to go and check it out for myself! :) I had ordered a few items online that I was sure I'd like and also picked up a couple more when I visited my local counter on Friday.

My haul included:

Instant Chic blush Made To Order lipstick Fold and Tuck lipglass Pret-A-Papier lipglass Tissueweight eyeshadow Cut to Fit eyeshadow

Here they all are:

I also picked up Love Nectar lustreglass as they had that displayed instead of C-Thru at my local counter, and I am a huge fan of Mac's lustreglasses (much much nicer than their lipglasses) and Love Nectar is such a gorgeous colour as well.

I didn't take pictures of the swatches, but there are plenty of them over on Specktra ( and of course Temptalia ( as usual.

Let me know what you got from this collection!


  1. I got Instant Chic and Tissueweight too, I love them both. Made To Order looks like a good choice too! x

  2. Tissueweight is so pretty! :)


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