Thursday, 29 April 2010

Rimmel Colour Mousse eyeshadow review take 2

A few days ago I told you about these new cream eyeshadows from Rimmel (you can find my initial review here) and promised I would let you know how they wore once I had a chance to try them out. Well, today is the day!
I don't normally use cream eyeshadows, or if I do, I use them as a base, but some mornings when I don't have time to do a more complex look, I just use one colour on my lids and if I have time I build on it later with powder eyeshadows. I normally use Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin or Urban Decay cream eyeshadows as they're both excellent bases and look lovely alone too.
But today I decided to try out my new Rimmel eyeshadows, so I can write up a review. The verdict: the are GOOD! I used 005 Glitz all over my eyelid and it applied pretty evenly (also, you only need a tiny amount, so these will last you ages) and didn't crease on me at all.
I took the following pictures after 3 hours of wear and there's really no creasing as you can see. Please do keep in mind though that my eyelids are quite wrinkly (and that is especially visible when using more shimmery eyeshadows) and I have hooded eyes and loads of folds, so if you think you see creasing, it's just my eyelids! :)
I decided to play with it a little and added 012 Mocha in the crease, although it was a little hard to blend because these shadows do dry very quickly. Although I suspect if I had done the whole thing in one go, it would have been easier to blend the two colours together. I do like it that they dry quickly though becasue it means that they don't crease once you open your eyes and with my folds and wrinkles that's a pretty useful thing! :)
Here are some pictures of how the two colours looked together:
Not too bad, but maybe a little rough around the edges. So to finish the look off, I used a highlighter (I used the shimmery side of my Mac MSF Natural and Shimmer powder, but any highlighter or light coloured powder eyeshadow would do) and voila! I think the finished look is really nice. Also, I took these pictures 3 hours ago and I've just checked, still no creasing. So that's 6 hours now since I applied the first colour. I think we're gonna be good for 8 hours (although I hope we'll be good for another 3 on top of that because that will take me right through to supper time and I normally expect my eyeshadows to last until then).
I would definitely recommend these mousse shadows, I think they're nice and make a good creaseless base, although a little hard to blend as they dry quickly. However, with a bit of highlighter, this can be remedied easily.
See photos of the end result and let me know what you think!
Edited to add: After 12 hours still no creasing or flaking. Yay! :)


  1. Lovely! I had really hooded eyes so the quick dry aspect will be great for me. Love the blue eyeliner on you!

  2. Wow I'm impressed, I don't see any creasing! Thanks for the review :)

  3. @Eyelining: Thank you! It's L'Oreal HIP eyeliner. Not as good staying power as the shadows though. :(

    @O.M.A.: Glad you liked it. :)

  4. Would I be deemed creepy for asking you for your initials? Because if your initials are ACS, that's creepy since my name is Anita and those are my initials xp
    Rimmel...I've always wanted to try that brand. I'm definitely looking into that.

  5. @Anita: My initials are not ACS. Anitacska is a nickname. :)


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