Friday, 2 April 2010

Give Me Liberty Of London finally comes to the UK

Give Me Liberty of London was finally released over here yesterday, and today I went to my nearest city to check it out, especially as the collection will not be on the Mac website until next Tuesday. Other collections released this week are Art Supplies, Prep for Colour and Riveting (exclusive to Selfridges I think).
I was already pretty sure about what I wanted to get having seen the swatches on Temptalia and after swatching the collection myself, I settled for Shell Pearl beauty powder and Ever Hip lipstick as planned. Only problem, being told by the assistant, is that Ever Hip is already SOLD OUT! This was at 11 am on the day after the release! How on earth is that possible??? She also tells me that this collection is NOT going online, which I did think was rather strange, so I panicked and bought Perennial High Style lipgloss instead. Then I kept thinking, shall I phone up the other store some 15 miles away to see if they still had Ever Hip and drive there straight away? They did have some so off I went. They couldn't hold it for me, but luckily they still had some when I arrived (in pouring rain!), so I bought one, and there I was told by the girls who always seem to be much more clued up that the collection is in fact going online on Tuesday. What an ordeal, eh?
I also bought 2 Pearlglide liners (Designer purple and Industrial) and Just Add Colour lipglass from Prep for Colour. I will check out Riveting when I go to London next Tuesday.
Finally here are some pictures of my Mac haul.
What have you bought or are you planning on buying from these collections?

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