Monday, 19 April 2010

Guerlain Meteorites Pearly White Light Perfecting Base

I ordered this gorgeous face primer from Hong Kong as it's another Asia exclusive from Guerlain as part of their Pearly White range and therefore not available in the UK. I already own and love the original version, so decided to try this one out as well.

This is such a gorgeous product, comes in a sleek glass pump bottle and is made up of little white pearls. When press down the pump, some of these pearls get sucked up and crushes, so you end up with a white shimmery liquid. I find that only one pump is enough to do my whole face, so a little goes a VERY long way. The regular version of this primer costs £40 for 30 mls, so it's not cheap, but as I said it does last a long time and it's a wonderfully silky smooth primer. Just feels really luxurious, as you would expect from Guerlain.

The Pearly White version is slightly shimmery, but once you've blended it all out, it just leaves a slight sheen on your face. As you would use it under your foundation and/or face powder, the shimmer would not be noticeable. It does help control shine and make you make up last longer.

Here are some pictures of this lovely primer.

Blended out, picture taken with flash
Blended out, picture taken without flash


  1. Hii

    I've been really interesting in investing in a Guerlain primer. However, Im trying to decide between the White Light one you reviewed here and the pink Light-Diffusing one.

    Is there a difference between the two? If so, which would you recommend??

    Thanks :D


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