Monday, 19 April 2010

Barry M Lip Laquer Crayon in Party Pink

Look at this little treasure I've found! *drumroll* Introducing Barry M Lip Laquer Crayon in Party Pink (shade no. 4). What we have here is a lip pencil/crayon in a beautiful shimmery fuschia colour that is very easy to apply, is pretty long lasting (I didn't fully test it, but it did last for 2-3 hours on me with eating and drinking and I still had some left, but I had to remove it then), and is absolutely gorgeous! I picked it up in Superdrug and it cost £4.95, so it's great value as well. (It's also available on ) They come in 5 colours (Scarlet Red, Cherry Red, Mandarin, Party Pink and Ballet Pink), but as I don't really use red or orange lipstick, the other colours didn't appeal to me that much (plus Ballet Pink is a very pale pink, again, not for my taste). But I do like this one very much. See some photos...


  1. I have one of these in No. 3 (an orangy red colour). I love it, I just wish it wasn't as sparkly! It seems to be infused with gold sparkles which mean I can't wear it to work :-( x

  2. Yeah, it is very sparkly, but gorgeous for going out! :)

  3. I like the crayon style of it, it seems so much more fun than a normal lipstick! x


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