Friday, 2 April 2010

My amazing Urban Decay and Too Faced haul

I went shopping today to check out the new Mac collections, especially Liberty Of London (more on that later), and while looking around in Boots, I found that they had loads of make up on sale, including Urban Decay and Too Faced. I think it's because they've stopped selling these brands in that particular store. So I had a good old rummage and ended up with a total of 18 items.

The best part is the price: I paid £60.42 for all of this, all of them were half price or less, in fact the total retail value of these items is a whopping £225.00! That's 73.2% off! Oh and I also earned 830 points (£8.30) on my Boots advantage card due to some extra points vouchers I had. This is almost free make up! :)

I got the following items:

7 Stardust Eyeshadows (Urban Decay) 2 Heavy Metal glitter eyeliners (Urban Decay) 1 Single eyeshadow (Shattered by Urban Decay) 2 24/7 eyeliners (Binge and Baked) (Urban Decay) 2 Cream eyeshadows (Urban Decay) 2 Lockdown eyeshadows (Too Faced) 2 Duo eyeshadows (Too Faced) See more images: I am actually wearing a couple of the new Stardust eyeshadows (the two purple ones Retrograde and 54, that I already owned) and was going to do a post on them, but I will now do that later with the whole 9 shadows from the range. Anybody out there who owns and likes these shadows? I'm pretty happy with the look I did today, they are nice and shimmery shadows, but with hardly any fall out.

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