Tuesday, 8 November 2011

No 7 Exceptional Definition Nutrient Enriched Mascara Review

I have a love-hate relationship with No 7 mascaras. Some I love, some I hate (Lash 360 I'm looking at you). I also think that generally the brand is overpriced, especially when it comes to their mascaras. To me No 7 is a high-street/drugstore brand, not high end, but it feels like Boots think it is high end. At £12.50 this mascara is only £1 less than most of Mac mascaras!

Anyway, let's see what it's like first, shall we? I have to say, I love this mascara. It really does give really good definition to my eyelashes, makes them much longer and gives some volume too. If you've been following my blog for a while you will have seen how short, thin, sparse my lashes are without mascara. When I apply this, I actually have rather nice eyelashes.

The wand is a rather strange one with different bristles on every 4 side, ranging from short and stumpy to long and spiky. Each side is supposed to have a function, volumise, separate, define, etc., and there is a video on Boots' website to show you how to use the mascara, but to me that's rather too much effort. It works for me though and the end bristles are especially good for reaching lashes in the corners of my eyes. The end result is long, separated, defined lashes. It also doesn't flake or smudge. The formula also supposed to be enriched with nourishing vitamins and proteins (cashmere keratin, vitamins and hydrolyzed soy protein according to Boots), but of course I can't really comment on that. It comes in Brown Black and Black, I personally prefer Black for more definition (and haven't actually tried Brown Black).

So like I said, this mascara is £12.50, when I bought it last year I had a £5 No 7 voucher plus there was a free eyeshadow palette to tempt you in as well, but to be honest, I would definitely consider purchasing this again even at this price. However, since Boots almost always have a £5 No 7 voucher offer going, it's worth waiting for one if you can.

You can see me wearing this mascara in this FOTD picture and I also put a couple of photos of me wearing it at the bottom of this post. Have you tried this mascara? Let me know in the comments!

See more pictures after the jump!


  1. I'm like you with the love/hate with no7 mascaras. I usually like the formulations but the brushes are always wrong. One I remember in particular actually hurt my lashline when I used it! This weird looking brush is a bit off-putting.

    And totally agree on the pricing! No7 are a long way from the quality of the mid-end companies like MAC, Urban Decay etc and their price should reflect that. They are in danger of pricing themselves out of the drugstore market- without the vouchers I'd never buy anything from their makeup range.

  2. I've just used a tube of this up. I like it, it definitely defines, and if I didn't have two more mascaras to open then I'd purchase it again.

  3. I despise Lash 360 with every fibre of my being although I quite liked this one. I totally agree with you about them being over priced... they are essentially the posh bit of the high street. I think they are getting ideas above their station x

  4. Thank you for sharing and your great review. Looks beautiful on your lashes <3.
    XOXO Britta


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