Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Want It! Guerlain Spring 2012 Collection - Les Roses Et Le Noir

I know, I know, it's not even winter yet and I'm already talking about spring collections, but of course as we all know, cosmetic companies bring out their collections very early into the previous season. Guerlain's spring collection is due to be released mid-January and the official photos have already appeared on the internet.

My first impression of the collection: love it and want everything! You think I'm joking? Come January you will see my haul review post, and find that I am serious. It's all so pretty and very springlike. The promo picture, as usual, features the gorgeous Natalia Vodianova. The star item of the collection is the flower shaped highlighter / iridescent illuminating powder, Meteorites Cruel Gardenia. It is just absolutely stunning.

Guerlain is also releasing a new mascara, Noir G de Guerlain that comes with the same compact as the Rouge G de Guerlain lipsticks and is refillable. It looks wonderful and I will definitely give it a go, especially as one of my most favourite mascaras is from Guerlain (Le 2 Mascaras).

Other products in the collection include 2 new 4 colour eyeshadow palettes, Les Aquas and Les Roses, and a new 6 colour eyeshadow palette, Tailored Harmonies, 4 new shades of Rouge G lipsticks, 75 Rose Barbare, 74 Rose Piquant, 73 Rose Ensoleillé, 72 Rose Innocent, and 4 new KissKiss lipglosses.

They are all so pretty and I can't wait to get my hands on them. January cannot come soon enough (although I am rather looking forward to Christmas in the meantime, so it's all good). Are you interested in anything from thsi collection? Let me know in the comments!

See lots of product pictures after the jump!

Image source: Beauty Crazed in Canada


  1. the collection is indeed beatiful, but i've already got similair colours in my collection, so i think i'm gonna pass on this one. that sounds like a relief for my wallet!

    but sooner or later i'll try the new mascara since it's refillable!

    can't wait for you haul post though :-)

  2. WANT. I'm going to spend the next 2 months chanting "I do not need another highlighter" over and over whilst pining over this... x

  3. Oh so definitely want the lot - as always with Guerlain. Might just be able to live without the lip glosses, maybe!

  4. I'm kind of through with lipsticks and eyeshadows, so I'll probably get 2 of the glosses. Is it just me or is the illuminator trying to be similar to the hit Laura Mercier one?

  5. I think I *need*N every single lip product in this release. Help!

  6. I want the Rouge G lipsticks, they are my favorite formula ever.


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