Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Laura Mercier Sequin Eyeshadows review

Laura Mercier's Sequins Collection includes 9 eyeshadows in the following shades:
  • Tiger’s Eye – warm chocolate brown with flakes
  • Twinkling Star – soft neutral beige with flecks
  • Shimmerplum – cool lilac grey with flecks
  • Pink Crystal – soft pale pink with flecks
  • Black Ice -  cold gray
  • Lapis – vibrant blue indigo with flecks
  • Copper – warm copper brown
  • Jade – light smoky green
  • Brilliant Rose – rose copper with flecks

The collection is now out and it looks so tempting that I ended up buying 6 of the 9 eyeshadows! As you know, I love sparkly eyeshadows and I just couldn't resist picking more up. I reviewed the 3 Sequin eyeshadows that came out with the autumn collection here together with Lapis that I already had (courtesy of eBay) but which is actually part of this collection.

See which shades I've picked up and read my review after the jump!

Brilliant Rose, Pink Crystal, Shimmerplum, Twinkling Star, Tiger's Eye, Copper

Brilliant Rose, Pink Crystal, Shimmerplum

Twinkling Star, Tiger's Eye, Copper

Brilliant Rose

Pink Crystal


Twinkling Star

Tiger's Eye


Brilliant Rose, Pink Crystal, Shimmerplum, Twinkling Star, Tiger's Eye, Copper

Out of these Brilliant Rose and Shimmerplum are my favourites, but they are all really nice. I didn't pick up Jade because it reminded me of Peacock and Black Ice simply because I already have Bobbi Brown's Black Sparkle eyeshadow which is a lot prettier to me anyway. They are smooth and very sparkly, but there isn't much fallout from them. However, I would definitely recommend using a base under them, but then I always use a base like Barbara Daly (for Tesco) eyeshadow primer. The eyeshadows cost £18 as usual and you get 2.6 grams for your money. 

Do you like the look of them? Will you be getting any?


  1. The colors are gorgeous but they seem really sheer. Can you use them wet or with a little Fix+?

  2. I haven't tried them wet, not sure if it would work as they're a bit different to powder shadows. I think layering them on would work better. They're not as sheer as they look (well, except for the very light shades).


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