Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Guerlain, you know I love you, but you and eye don't get on!

Guerlain is one of my favourite brands, but unfortunately when it comes to their eye creams, it's a different story. You might recall that I'm currently doing Project Skincare Samples which means I'm basically using up all my samples I've accumulated during the past few years. I started using Guerlain's Issima Succes Eye Tech which is an "eyelid lifter and wrinkle minimiser" eye cream. Unfortunately just after 2 uses I found that it made my eyelids extremely sore and very puffy. This is how my eyes looked the morning after the second application:

Not only my eyelid wasn't lifted, it ended up very saggy and puffy. I have naturally hooded eyelids, but they don't normally look like this. They were also very sore and sensitive. Really not what you expect from a high end eyecream like Guerlain's. Unfortunately the same thing happened to me a while ago when I was using the Orchidee Imperiale eye and lip cream, so I had to resort to only using it on my lips which considering that it cost me £50 was really not great! So it seems Guerlain and I are just not seeing eye to eye (excuse the pun). It makes me sad, but at least I can now stop lusting after their horribly expensive skincare products. Although I do need to add that their face serums and creams are still one of my favourites. 

See more pictures of my puffy, sore eyelids if you dare!

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