Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Guerlain Ombre Eclat eyeshadows 409 Ombres Perlees

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for neglecting the blog recently. I have been very busy with my children, we're also in the process of planning our new kitchen and the internet connection has been playing up for the past 5-6 days. So all in all, a lot of things have come up. Still, I have managed to take pictures of my Guerlain eyeshadow collection for you to drool over (if you like that sort of thing). Also, I've just purchased the new eyeshadow quad from the summer collection, so I thought I'd quickly write up a review on that. I have also purchased the 3 new Meteorites powders, but haven't managed to take photos yet, and with half term this week and my 3 children all at home with me, it'll have to wait until next week. Anyway, the new eyeshadow quad is called Ombrees Perlees and as I said it's part of the new summer collection. The colours aren't exactly summery, they're more spring colours with soft pastel pinks and browns, but they're certainly lovely. The quality of Guerlain eyeshadows is always excellent, and while they're pretty expensive at £36, they are on par with Dior and Chanel, you do get 6 gramms of eyeshadows for your money.
Promo image for the summer collection
I have a good few of these eyeshadows myself, I own all the limited edition eyeshadow quads that's come out since 2008, and the permanent ones as well, plus a few of the old styles quads and some singles, as well as the 2007 limited edition Christmas eyeshadow duo + eyeliner compact. These eyeshadows are always so pretty, it's sometimes hard to make myself use them, and in some cases I haven't actually touched them, or if I have, I've been very careful to go around the designs. Call me crazy, I don't care! :)
See some more pretty pictures...

Ombrees Perlees compact on the outside Ombres Perlees compact on the inside
Ah, look at that pretty pattern
Ombres Perlees swatches
My collection of Guerlain eyeshadows closed
My collection of Guerlain eyeshadows open
Limited edition eyeshadow quads and duo
Limited edition and permanent eyeshadow quads
Permanent quads and singles (plus two le singles)
New and old style quads and new style singles
(Terracotta Tajine eyeshadow on the bottom right)


  1. wow,you really are a collector:D I bet you already have so much make that it'll be impossible for you to use it all up this in this life:D

  2. thats a beautiful collection, looks really pristine, my makeup tends to look really messy after I've had it about a week :) I got that new Ombres Perlees quad as well over the weekend, really pretty for a soft natural look.

  3. Thank you. As you can see, I don't use them too much, but also I'm very careful with my make up.

  4. That is a truly amazing collection!!! Guerlain are so good at pretty shadows.



  5. I just received the Ombres Perlees 409 quad and I am in love. I've only used it once, but it is just gorgeous. I also hate to mess up the design, but I do want to wear the shadows. So far I've been careful not to swipe the flower part. Now I want all of the quads with the designs on them! So adorable! I guess all of them are the same and once you swipe them the designs come off? Beautiful collection. I'm very jealous!


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