Friday, 10 July 2009

My Colour Craft haul

Everybody is posting about their Colour Craft hauls, so I couldn't be left out either. I was very upset yesterday when I looked on Mac's UK website and there was no sign of Colour Craft. I phoned my local Mac counter and a very confused MA told me that it was going to be out on the 15th. I later looked again on the website among the Mineralized producst and found the MSFs and blushes up already. Called another counter and was told (by a lot more clued up MA) that although it was going live on the website, CC would not be in the stores until Monday (that's the 13th). I then phoned Mac and asked if they were actually sending the orders out before Monday, was told yes, and if I order before noon, I can have it today. So.... I did, and here is what I got:
I didn't get Porcelain Pink as I already own it, but couldn't resist all the lovely MSFs. I also didn't get Style demon blush because I thought it might be too dark, but I will go to the Mac counter on Wednesday to check it out in person. I didn't get any of the lipsticks (will see in person, right now I'm thinking I'll might get Trimming talk and Madly creative), and also didn't get Pretty pattern and Nice mix up lipglasses as I wasn't sure about them, but having seen some swatches, I'm pretty sure I'll get Nice mix up on Wednesday. Not Pretty pattern as it looks too brown and boring to me. I got all 6 eyeshadows and they all look so pretty, can't wait to use them.
Here's a picture and some swatches of the lovely MSFs:
My favourite MSFs are Cheeky Bronze and Smooth Merge, and I also love Porcelain Pink, it's such a gorgeous soft pink colour. Also loving Hand finish and Daft pink blushes, they feel more like mini-MSFs to me, especially Hand finish.
I will also check out the Naked Honey collection on Wednesday, although I'm really only planning on getting the lighter shade of the highlighting powders.

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