Saturday, 13 June 2009

This week's look

As I have mentioned before, I have a rather large make up collection (more on that later) and I rotate my make up in order to use everything. I don't have a very good storage system, most of my make up is stored in boxes, so I would never have the time in the mornings to try and find something that I want to wear. That's why I use a different brand every week, and this week it's Chantecaille week!
I first got into Chantecaille when I saw a picture of their gorgeous Protected Paradise palettes, and I knew I had to have them. They are very expensive at £80 each, but I managed to order them slightly cheeper from the US, and I've acquired quite a few other palettes and powders since thanks to my friends on Ebay. :) My collection as of April this year is shown below, although I have since swapped the Bengali Tiger palette and bronzer on MUA because I knew I would never use them. Not that I have used most of my Chantecaille stuff, and as you can see I even got back-ups of the PP palettes as they really are just too gorgeous to touch. Since then I have also acquired another Garden in Kyoto palette (back-up), but am still searching for a White Whale eye palette. I also have a collection of 6 mini lipglosses that I forgot to include in the photo.
Okay then, so today I used my back-up Garden in Kyoto palette to create this look:
These are the products I used, including Garden in Kyoto. Isn't it just gorgeous? :)
Next week is Estee Lauder week. I'll tell you more about the EL make up I own later.

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