Sunday, 14 June 2009

Buy one get one free on Dior palettes! (Not really)

I went shopping today (I do that rather a lot) and this is what I bought:
5 colour Dior designer palettes in Navy and Nude Pink
Collection 2000 Mosaic Glow powder in Gold
The reason I ended up getting one Dior palette free is that after paying for the first one I realised that I had enough points on my Advantage Card to get the other one absolutely free (thank you Boots)! Which is just as well because I couldn't decide between the Nude Pink and the Navy palette, but as I'd just bought the Electric Lights palette which is blue, I opted for the pink one, but then HAD to go back for the other one. I absolutely love the shimmery powder on the top right of the palette, both shades are gorgeous and very wearable. To be honest, I loved the other two palettes too (nude and smokey), so will need to keep an eye out for those on MUA and eBay. :) I already own a lot of Dior 5-colour-palettes and I really like them, so am really looking forward to using these too. Here's my collection of Dior palettes as of April this year:

The other thing I bought is Collection 2000's Mosaic Glow powder in Gold. I already own one powder similar to this, which is a bronzy colour, and gives nice glowing finish, but it's not really a bronzer (which is just as well as I don't really do bronzers). This one is more gold in colour and gives a lovely shimmery finish, very nice. See close-up and swatch below:

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  1. Is there any way I can get that Mosaic in US?
    BTW, I am not spaming your inbox..just found your blog and I am enjoying many posts...


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