Thursday, 18 June 2009

MAC Color Craft collection preview!

I've managed to buy two items from the upcoming Mac Color Craft collection thanks to my friends on Ebay. :) Cheek & Cheerful mineralized blush came today in the post and I also got Crazy haute lipglass. They are both lovely and pigmented, Cheek & Cheerful is a lovely bronzy colour (with gold veining and lots of shimmer) and Crazy Haute is a lovely dark pink colour. The lipglass is very different to the Sugarsweet collection's tri-colour lipglasses, partly because it is pre-mixed, and partly because it is really nice and pigmented. I'm really looking forward to this collection coming out as I love mineralized stuff. :) See product images and swatches below. Enjoy!


  1. hey, i followed the link you gave from temptalia and ohmygosh, you just made me so much more excited for the lipglosses! *AH* it's SO good to know that they're pigmented~ i am sooo jealous of you XD i don't think i can wait til july 9th :O

    one question though, is the applicator a brush or doe foot? (pleeeeeease be a brush!)

  2. It is a doe foot applicator I'm afraid. :( I don't mind it much, but I too prefer brushes like Guerlain and YSL glosses have. Hohum.


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