Tuesday, 31 January 2012

NOTD: Topshop Blitz Nail Polish

On a recent trip to Topshop I picked up a couple of nail polishes that I really liked the look of, both of them looking beautifully duochrome in the bottle. One of them is Blitz, a lovely fuchsia pink that promied to have orange/yellow duochrome to it.

Sadly, as you can see, it doesn't. By all means it is a nice nail polish and the colour is pretty, but duochrome it's not. Shame though, because I would've loved the effect on my nails, but maybe it's just how the bottle reflects the light or something. The blue one (Missile) has lovely purple duochrome in the bottle, but once again not on the nails. At certain anglesthe colour seems a bit warmer, bit more orangey, but it's not enough to qualify for being a duochrome.

All in all though Blitz is a nice nail polish, the consistency is just right, it took 2 coats to look opaque and lasted as long as most nail polishes (2 days or so) without chipping. At £6 for 8 ml it's not a bad deal at all. I do wish it was duochrome though...

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