Monday, 16 January 2012

Paul & Joe Sparkles Cat Collection Review and Swatches

When I first saw the images of Paul & Joe's upcoming cat collection, I knew I wanted to get some products just because of the cute design. I ended up buying Face & Eye Colour in 077 Kittycat, Lipstick C in 076 Meow! and 077 Catwalk. I'm still wanting the Matte Pressed Powder to hit ASOS or BeautyBay (I got the others from ASOS, but I never saw the Kitten collection up which has the face powder, nail polishes and blush sticks).

As pretty as they are, sadly none of these products lived up to my expectations. Firstly, the Face & Eye Colour and Lipstick C in 076 Meow! both have really ugly packaging. Red background with ugly floating heads - WTF? I really don't understand why they would use something that ugly for something this pretty on the inside. Lipstick C in 077 Catwalk has lovely packaging at least.

The Face & Eye Colour is pretty sheer. There's one really lovely shade in it (the shimmery purple one on the back of the cat), the pink (background) is okay if a bit sheer, but the front of the cat is a meh light beigy-brown matte colour. I do love the purple though, it reminds me of Urban Decay Crash 24/7 eyeliner pencil in eyeshadow form. There was some glitter fall out from it, but as it's very very fine glitter, it was hardly noticable.

The lipsticks have really cute paw prints on the all the way down the bullet, but sadly that's where the positives stop. The two shades I got are nothing unique, they are both pretty sheer and the texture's not that nice either.

All in all, if it wasn't for the cuteness of the design (and the fact that there is no way I could've swatched them), I wouldn't have got any of these products. I thought about returning them, but of course once you swatch them, you can't. I'm not saying they're awful, but other than the design there is nothing special about them. I think the promo images are way nicer than the actual products - sadly. They're not cheap either, the Face & Eye Colour costs £21.50 and the lipsticks are £16 each.The Face & Eye Colour is 12 g, the lipsticks are 3 g each.

See more pictures including swatches after the jump!

Ugly floating heads

Face & Eye Colour 077 Kittycat

Ugly floating heads and flowers (Lipstick C in 076 and 077)

Lipstick C in 076 Meow! and 077 Catwalk

Such cute pawprints

Face & Eye Colour 077 (pink, beige, purple), Lipstick C 076, 077
Taken with flash

Face & Eye Colour 077 (pink, beige, purple), Lipstick C 076, 077
Taken without flash in natural daylight

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