Friday, 20 January 2012

Vivo Baked Shimmer Palette in Paparazzi Review and Swatches

I've recently reviewed the Chocolate Box Palette and today I have Paparazzi to show you. Like the Chocolate Box Palette this one also contains 4 baked eyeshadows (1g each) and a baked blush (2.5g).

The colours in the pan seem very vivid, but they are actually quite sheer, but of course buildable. They swatch quite sheer, but you can pack them on and they actually look very nice when worn. I've included pictures of the look I did with the pink and purple shades at the bottom of the post. The shadows are shimmery with fine glitter, but there was only minimal fallout during application and none afterwards, so that's not an issue. They also stayed on without creasing for 10+ hours. The blush is pretty much the same shade as the one in the Chocolate Box Palette, but this one has less bronze veining, so it appears a bit more pink and less coral. You can see a picture of me wearing the blush at the very bottom of this post.

I like this palette a little less than the Chocolate Box Palette, but it's still nice and for the price of £6 it's a total bargain. It would be better if the blush was different in every palette (not sure about the other two, I don't own them), but due to the difference in veining it still is a bit pinker than the other one.

See more pictures including swatches after the jump!

Without flash on a sunny day

With flash

Wearing the pink all over the lid, the purple in the crease

Wearing the pink all over the lid, the purple in the crease

Finally, here's me wearing the blush. What do you think of the mascara in this picture (not the same as the one above)? I'll tell you later what it is.

Wearing the blush


  1. I'm quite a fan of these palettes! For £6 they're an absolute bargain. I think my favourite shade is the lilac. Have you tried them with a damp brush? They are 10 times more awesome that way.

    1. Do you, I don't often use eyeshadows wet, I don't even know why. Maybe I should.

    2. Either wet or with Pixie Epoxy.

  2. Ah, they look so shimmery and beautiful. I wish the Tesco nearest to me actually stocked the brand. :( x


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