Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sleek The Primer Palette review and swatches

I really like Sleek Cosmetics and especially their 12 colour eyeshadow palettes, I own almost every one of them, so when I heard about their new Primer Palette, I decided to get that too. It's also a 12 colour palette, but instead of eyeshadows, it contains 12 coloured eyeshadow primers.It also contains a full size mirror and a double ended brush for application (not too great quality though).

The colours are great, there's a very good variety, you basically get every colour in the rainbow and some. The quality of the primers, well, I'm less certain about. So far I have tried about 4 shades (apologies for not taking photos before I tried it out) and found that some were better than others. The blue creased somewhat rotten, the pink, beige and silver one worked better (crease free for 6-8 hours). I guess it also matters what eyeshadows you put on top, but in any case, a good primer should prevent the eyeshadows from creasing no matter whatthe qulaity of the eyeshadows is, right? I think all in all it's a nice idea and for £7.00 you can't go that wrong, but I personally would rather stick to my Mac paint pots and Urban Decay Primer Potions and cream eyeshadows for bases.

One more slightly annoying thing about this palette is that although they named the shades, they completely mixed them up, so the beige one is called Noir and the purple one is called Pink Frost, etc. Or maybe it was intentional, but in that case I don't get the joke.

Available from Sleek Cosmetics and Superdrug, RRP £7.00.

See more pictures and swatches after the jump!

Shade name mix up

Top row (taken without flash)

Top row (taken with flash)

Bottom row (taken without flash)

Bottom row (taken with flash)


  1. I have this one too and I really like it! I often use it over UDPP so I'm not sure if it does work well for creasing, but it does help with the colour!

  2. I really want this! Might have to pick one up this weekend!

  3. They've sorted the naming mix up now I think, the one I bought this morning was ok.

    Nice post, I have to disagree though and say that I love this palette as eyeshadows on their own for a casual thrown together makeup look. I just love a bit of creasing for added edge and coolness!!


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