Monday, 9 May 2011

Christian Dior Summer 2011 Eyeshadow Quints: Rosy Nude and Rosy Tan

Dior is one of my favourite brands, I especially love their eyeshadows, so I always check out the new limited edition ones with every new collection. (If you are interested to check out my Dior quint collection, please click here! I do need to update it though as I now have even more of them.) This summer Dior has launched two new quints: 534 Rosy Nude and 754 Rosy Tan.

Rosy Nude (left), Rosy Tan (right)
Both of them are gorgeous, they both contain browns and pinks, but if I had to choose I'd say Rosy Tan is my favourite. Rosy Nude is probably more for daytime, and Rosy Tan is more suitable for creating a more dramatic eye, but they are both light enough to work for those looking for a work-friendly eyeshadow palette. I like it that they both contain a pink shade because I love my pinks and it makes them a bit more interesting and girly. I also like it that they've included a highlighter colour in both palettes, so you can use one (or the other) for a complete look. You can even use the darker shades as eyeliner and hey presto, all you need to add is mascara!

I wore these at the weekend and they both lasted all day, didn't crease or fade and there was no fall out. The eyeshadows are smooth, buttery and very easy to blend, they are pigmented and shimmery enough to look gorgeous, but not glittery. Both palettes contain a shade that's less shimmery, but not matte, more satin really. These have not been released in the UK yet (I bought them in Florida last month), but I'm sure it's any day now, and they're most likely to cost around £40 each.

See more product pictures and swatches after the jump!

Rosy Nude, Rosy Tan

Rosy Nude

Rosy Tan

Finally, here are the swatches. I swatched both palettes starting with the top left shade, going clockwise, and then the middle shade last.

Rosy Nude (indoors without flash)

Rosy Nude (in direct sunlight)

Rosy Tan (indoors without flash)

Rosy Tan (in direct sunlight)

What do you think? Will you buy any of these?


  1. These are out in the UK now. House of Fraser has the whole Electric Tropics collection. I bought the Sunset Bronzer and Aloha Vernis but decided not to get Rosy Tan as it is too close to last summer's Crush Glow.

  2. Beautiful colors...I am a huge fan of the Rosy Tan. Oh this is so tempting... :)

  3. Is it out now? Oh good, thanks. I personally don't think Rosy Tan is at all similar to Crush Glow. It's much cooler than Crush Glow, so those who thought Crush Glow was too warm for them would find Rosy Tan suits them much better.


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