Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Do You Want A Dupe (Or Two) For OPI Nail Polish?

With my China Glaze Hologlam order I also got OPI, the only polish I was interested in from the Euro Centrale collection (which is quite unexpected since I'm from Hungary and there are a few references to Hungary/Budapest, but none of the colours called out to me). Of course me being me, I managed to accidentally pick up a couple of dupes before I even received I thought I'd show you what they are, so if you'd like the OPI polish but it's a bit too pricey for you at £12.

The polishes you see in the picture are (left to right) Beauty UK Posh Polish in Pinkabloo, OPI and Topshop Hope Floats. There are very slight differences, but the over all look is pretty much the same. While OPI has blue and pink micro glitter (as well as the larger blue, turquoise and bright pink hex glitter they all have), the Beauty UK polish only has blue micro glitter and the Topshop polish has turquoise micro glitter. However, as you can see in the swatch pictures, the difference is very hard to see. The hex glitter is pretty much the same in all 3. Consistency wise they seemed pretty similar, while OPI had the best brush, it's nice and wide, and Beauty UK had the worst, thin little brush.

Pricewise the Beauty UK one is the cheapest at £3.49 for 9 ml, then it's the Topshop one at £6 for 8 ml and then the OPI one at £12 for 15 ml (I bought mine for £7.15 from Nail Polish Direct by the way). Technically the OPI is cheaper than the Topshop one gram per gram, but question is, do you actually NEED 15 ml of glitter polish?

See swatch pictures after the jump!

Beauty UK Posh Polish in Pinkabloo, OPI, Topshop Hope Floats
Taken without flash in direct sunlight

Beauty UK Posh Polish in Pinkabloo, OPI, Topshop Hope Floats
Taken with flash


  1. For the first glance there is no difference at all. :) Thanks for th advice, this OPI nail polish is on my wishlist, but I'll see. :)

  2. Brilliant dupes! The glitter is gorgeous and £3.49 is really reasonable! x


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