Monday, 16 July 2012

Primark Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes With Tea Tree

I like shopping in Primark, everything is so cheap. I buy a lot of my children's clothes there as they only need to last through a couple of seasons since they grow out of them so quickly anyway. On a recent trip to Primark I found these cleansing wipes, and since they were 2 packs (of 25 wipes) for £1 I thought I'd pick them up and see what they're like.

I'm sorry about showing you the empty pack, but I never got around to taking a picture before they were all gone. So what are they like? Meh. As far as cleansing wipes go they are fine, they cleanse my face fine, taking off all the make up. They don't dry out quickly, so even the last one was as moist as the first one which is good. The smell, however, is just so strong and unpleasant, I will not be buying these again. I can't really describe the smell, but it reminds me of insect spray, that sort of strong, chemical, yucky smell. I guess since they're not scented, this is just the smell of the chemicals in them? I don't know, but it's really strong and not nice. So in this instance, cheap is definitely not cheerful.

See the list of ingredients after the jump!

1 comment:

  1. It's the tea tree scent. Try some of their other wipes? Ipersonally prefer these scented ones to the ones in the white packet but I can see why you wouldn't.


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