Sunday, 1 July 2012

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Eyeshadows in Vision and Abstraction and FOTD

One of my favourite Chanel products is Illusion D'Ombre and I was really pleased that there were two new shades of them coming out with Les Expressions de Chanel collection. I haven't actually seen these in any shop or online in the UK, I ordered mine from Sephora in France when they sent me yet another 20% off code.

Illusion D'Ombres are one of the best cream eyeshadows I own, they feel like jelly, they're quite springy, but also very easy to apply and blend. I often just use my fingers as it's easier, but they come with a little angled brust that you can also use to apply them. They work very well as eyeliners too.They don't crease and stay vibrant all day long.

The shades I got are Vision and Abstraction. Vision is sparkly yellow gold and Abstraction is pinky-coral with pink and gold shimmers. They are both very pretty, Abstraction is more subtle, but Vision is also a very wearable shade. In my swatches I managed to swatch Vision rather heavily, but it can be blended out for a more sheer finish. I have included some pictures of me wearing them at the bottom of the post, they looked really lovely on.

Each little pot contains 4 g of eyeshadow and in the UK they cost £23 (although as I said I have not seen these shades yet). So yes, they're not cheap, but they are really good, and these are such pretty shades too. Let me know what you think in the comments!

See more pictures including swatches and a look I did after the jump!

Vision, Abstraction

Vision, Abstraction

Vision, Abstraction
Taken with flash

Vision, Abstraction
Taken without flash in natural daylight

Vision, Abstraction
Taken without flash in direct sunlight

Finally, here are some pictures of me wearing Vision all over the lid and Abstraction in the crease and blended upwards.


  1. What beautiful colours!! Loving Abstraction especially!

  2. Meseszépek!
    Nekem is kell ! :)
    Gyönyörű a smink amit készítettél vele, imádom az aranyszínt :)
    Ideje volt már új színt kihozniuk, remek minőségűek, a zöld Epatant színt rengeteget használtam.

    1. Köszi szépen. :) Az Epatant tényleg nagyon szép. Lesz két új kék színű is, már azokat is nagyon várom, hogy megvehessem.

  3. I love the gold one :-) this collection has been released in Europe only and it's weird that it isn't available in the UK :-(
    I bought the quad from this collection and I love it :-)

  4. istenem ez az arany nagyon szép *.* ilyen színt keresek már mióta


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