Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover Review

I had to pick up Bourjois's Magic Nail Polish remover after all the raves I saw on other blogs. When something says magic in the name, you just feel like you have to try it and see just how magic it really is. Well I do anyway. So I tried it out, both with regular and glitter nail polish.

But firstly, let me explain what it is. You get a plastic tub with a black sponge inside soaked in nail polish remover with a hole in the top that you put your finger in, then twist and remove to find all the nail polish has disappeared. Sounds magical, doesn't it?

Well, it doesn't quite do what it promises. With regular nail polish it works rather quickly, but I still need to put my fingers in for a second or even third time to get all the nail polish off. So make that more like 5-6 seconds. Which is about how long it takes me to wipe a nail with cotton wool soaked in nail polish remover. With glitter nail polish it takes a lot longer than 1 second, but I was expecting that. It probably takes about 30 seconds per finger and I need to keep putting my finger in and twisting and pulling out and again and again. What I like though is that unlike with cotton wool, it doesn't stick into the glitter as it dissolves. You do end up with a few flecks of black sponge, but that's all.

The product is heavily scented, the scent reminds me of raspberries, so it's not unpleasant, but rather heavy. I do not like the sticky, greasy residue on my hands afterwards though, I have to wash them a few times with soap afterwards to get rid of the sticky feeling it leaves behind. At least it's not drying, although I haven't used it long enough to see if it makes my weak, peeling nails better or worse in the long run.

All in all, I'm not blown over by this product and it's certainly not magic, but I can see it being very useful if you're travelling and don't want to bother with a bottle of nail polish remover and cotton wool pads. Plus it does work quickly, and it does make glitter nail polish removal much easier. However, due to the sticky residue I will be only be using it for glitter nail polish removal in the future. I'm perfectly happy with my Sally Hansen nail polish remover and a cotton wool pad for regular nail polish.

You get 75 ml which I believe is all soaked into the pad (as the pad goes all the way down) for £4.99 which makes it a lot more expensive than my regular Sally Hansen nail polish remover. It is available from Boots, Superdrug and whereever they sell Bourjois products.

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  1. I think this is rather expensive for what it is - will be sticking to my usual remover and cotton pads I think! x

  2. Very interesting product. I have never used this kind of nail polish removers and so far I have prefered traditional cotton pad+nail polish remover combo.

  3. Hmm. I think it's interesting but I can't help thinking that after a lot of use it woud end up saturated with polish. I tried the 'foil method' to remove glitter polish this morning for the first time. Worked brilliantly even with my cheapy Asda polish remover!


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