Monday, 22 August 2011

NOTD: Mavala 213 Pure Diamond - A Shimmering Rainbow On Your Fingertips

I missed out on GOSH holographic nail polish which now retails for about £20 on eBay, and was looking out for possible dupes when I realised that this little beauty was hiding in my drawer. I purchased it as part of a set that included 7 Mavala glitter nail polishes sometime around Christmas for something like £8 and promptly forgot about it. I decided to try it out and now I'm in love. It's a clear nail polish with multicolour very fine glitter in it, that look mostly silver in natural light, but once bright light hits my nails, it shimmers in every colour of the rainbow. I couldn't stop looking at my hands for the first day or so. Despite it being clear, it is nearly opaque in 3 coats and it feels very smooth as the glitter is very fine. Removing it was a bit more difficult than normal nail polish, but wasn't the worst of the glitter nail polishes I own.

All in all, an absolutely lovely glitter nail polish that looks like those holographic wrapping papers. Love it! Available from BeautyBay for £2.99 (5 ml).

I took lots of pictures, but it was very hard to capture its true beauty, so make sure you scroll right down to the bottom to see a short video I recorded that might give you a better idea on how it looks in real life.

In natural daylight

I also recorded a short video because the photos just don't do it justice, it's so gorgeous!

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