Saturday, 27 August 2011

Guess Who's Got a New Kitten? Introducing Fluff!

You may remember my post about our kitten, Paws, who came to us in January (if not, you can check it out here). Ever since his arrival, my eldest daughter had been asking for a kitten (Paws belongs to my younger daughter) and having been away already this summer, we've finally got her kitten: Fluff. He is just coming up 8 weeks, so still very little, but is a very confident, playful and cuddly little thing. Paws hasn't quite got used to him yet, but we are making progress.

See more pictures of Fluff (and a new picture of Paws) after the jump!

He's playful

He likes hide and seek

But sometimes he gets tired

And can sleep anywhere and everywhere

And in any position

And finally here is Paws, now 9 months old:


  1. Squee! They are adorabubble!! How has it been introducing them? I would love a kitten but we have a very old lady (over 12, possibly older rescue) and i'm not sure she'd be too impressed x

  2. Hi Claire,

    It's not been plain sailing, Paws has been very jealous (especially of his stratching post that he never even uses, weird!) and he keeps whacking the kitten, but I think the punches are getting more playful now and he's a lot more relaxed around Fluff (who isn't too fazed by it all thankfully). So far Fluff has been sleeping in my daughter's bedroom, while Paws sleeps in the dining room as usual, but hopefully soon they'll be able to share. I'll keep you updated. x

  3. Awww! They are both adorable.


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