Sunday, 21 August 2011

Boots 17 Blushes in China Pink and First Kiss Review and Swatches

While on holiday a little while ago I took a couple of 17 blushes with me and decided to review them as they are something worth talking about. Cheap (£3.49 from Boots), nicely pigmented and good quality, what's not to like really?

I only own China Pink (left) and First Kiss (right), but I believe there are 5 shades in the line - according to the Boots website anyway. China Pink is a cool pink shade, whereas First Kiss has a golden sheen to it and is generally a lot warmer. They are not that different in the swatches, but China Pink is definitely the cooler one. I love First Kiss for its golden sheen, it's not glittery/shimmery, just has a bit of sheen. I think it's a brilliant everyday blush colour.

Annoyingly the packaging doesn't say how big they are, but they're about the size of a Mac blush, so at £3.49 they're definitely a bargain. Do you own any 17 blushes? If so, which one is your favourite shade?

See more pictures including swatches after the jump!

China Pink, First Kiss

China Pink

First Kiss

China Pink, First Kiss (with flash)

China Pink, First Kiss (without flash in direct sunlight)

China Pink, First Kiss (without flash in natural daylight)

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  1. These look really nice for cheapies! In Australia (or at least where I am in Aus) you can get this brand in stalls in shopping centres, but it's never a whole range it's just dribs and drabs. I like the idea of a nice cheap blush, they'd be great for taking on holiday as you wouldn't be stressing about breaking/losing them because it would be affordable to replace them. Will check them out now that I know they are nice quality, thanks!


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