Monday, 1 August 2011

Finished! The July edition

Here are the products I finished in the month of July. Not to shabby, although sadly only 3 make up items.Still, my collection of cleansers/scrubs need using up as well. Let's have a look at what I managed to finish last month, shall we?

First up is Maybelline Dream Satin liquid foundation in 020 Cameo. I have reviewed it already, you can read my review here. I don't love it, it doesn't really work for me, it's greasy and leaves my face quite shiny too, so won't be repurchasing this. I still have another half a bottle though, so you can expect that to appear in another Finished! post soon. Available from Boots, Superdrug, etc. £8.19 at Boots with a 3 for 2 offer currently on.

Keep reading to find out what other products I have finished this month!

I am absolutely ashamed to admit that I don't remember when I bought this next product. It is that old. My guess is somewhere around 5 years, but in all honesty it could be more. A lot more. I don't really know why I never finished it, because it's not a bad product, but I had it sitting in my cupboard half used for ages. It didn't go bad and it is a halfway decent facial scrub, but sadly i have not come across any scrub that actually does what it claims to do, removing dirt from your pores and making your skin as smooth as a babies bottom. This one's quite creamy, but has quite chunky exfoliating particles, not harsh, but would probably not be gentle enough for sensitive skin. It just didn't do anything for me, so I won't be repurchasing it. Unsurprisingly it's not even available anymore, was originally from Boots though.

I've also managed to finish another facial scrub, this one I only bought about 18 months ago. At one point I went crazy and bought a huge amount of cleansers and scrubs, I still have about 3 or 4 of them left. This one is Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub. It doesn't eliminate my blackheads, I have more of them than the entire population of Surrey. This one doesn't do anything for my skin, I find it's way too gentle and certainly hasn't got enough exfoliating particles to work. Won't be repurchasing this one either. £4.07 from Boots, currently part of the 2 for £5 offer.

I won't say too much about this next product as I've reviewed it here already. While I really loved Diorshow Extase, I will not be repurchasing Diorshow Black Out because the brush is too big and it just doesn't work for me. This was a sample size mascara, the full size one costs £22.00 and is available from Debenhams among other places.

Next up is Sally Hansen Strengthening Polish Remover. I got this because my nails are very soft and have been peeling for ages, so I thought I'd try this one instead of my cheapo Sainsbury's nail polish remover. While it works very well as a nail polish remover, it doesn't do anything to strengthen my nails. I will stick with this though because it's good otherwise, and it's fairly cheap too. Didn't find this exact one on the Boots website, but a similar one costs £2.44 for 200 ml. Will and have repurchased.

I also finished a perfume this month, it's Givenchy Very Irresistible Summer Cocktail, a proper summery fragrance. I'm rubbish at describing scents, so forgive me for only saying I like it, but as I have 40+ perfumes left, I don't think I will repurchase this anytime soon. Plus I think this might have been a limited edition one anyway. You can get the regular Very Irresistible one which is similar.

Second make up item of the month, Guerlain C'est Moi powder. This was a limited edition powder many years ago, I got mine on eBay. It's a lovely pressed powder with a soft sheen due to finely milled real sapphire. It smells like the Meteorites and it is absolutely huge at 22 g. I don't know how much it originally cost, I'm guessing somewhere around £40 or so. It's taken me a while to use up due to its size, especially as it's really not very portable, the lid doesn't have any mirrors inside and the whole thing is just really bulky. It's very nice though and I do have a back up, but after that I might not repurchase. I've yet to use up my new Meteorites pressed powder compacts anyway.

This is what the nearly new powder looks like:

I also used up my go-to make up remover that I have reviewed many times, it's Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Make Up Remover. One of the reviews was here.

Another Estee Lauder product, this one is a day cream: Day Wear Plus. I've already reviewed it here. Will consider repurchasing when I get through my huge stack of cream samples, this is a really nice one though.

Sorry, I'm hurrying a bit through because I'm really sleepy now, but really wanted to finish this post before I go to bed. I've reviewed this a little while ago too (here), still liking it, still have many back ups of it, so probably won't repurchase for a while.

I wasn't sure about whether I should include a spot treatment product in this post, but I figured that I usually include things I either really like or really don't like, and since this one is one of those options, I'll go ahead with it. Soap & Glory Doctor Spot does not fight stubborn spots, especially not immediately after application. I didn't really see any improvement in my spots, I have other products that help more like my Anew Rejuvenate Facial Treatment or Mac Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask. This one didn't do anything to my spots, so I will not repurchase it. I can't find this on the Boots website, I think they've changed the packaging, but there is an Invisible Spot Fighting Gel for £7.00 which is about what I must have paid for this.

Last product, phew! Nails Inc Albert Bridge Top Coat. Bough as part of a rescue treatment pack to try and stop my nails peeling and harden them a bit. Didn't work. It's an okay top coat though, dries pretty quickly, but it also went really gloopy with loads still left in the bottle, so had to chuck it out. Also, as you can see the brush is so high up, I had to turn it on its side to try and scoop some of it out. Very wasteful. I don't think I'll be repurchasing this one either.

Right that's it, I'm done, I can go to bed now. :) Will be back next month with more finished products!


  1. Well done on finishing so much! You're going to laugh at me but I have finally scheduled a project ten pan post... I'm so close to paying off my student debt that I just need that extra boost to save the pennies for the next couple of months! The packaging on the Guerlain powder is stunning! x

  2. Thanks Claire! Good luck with the project ten pan, hope it helps to pay off your student loan extra fast. (Of course I won't laugh at you, silly girl.) :) x


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