Monday, 13 December 2010

Dior Spring 2011 Collection Sneak Preview: Cannage eye palette #001

As promised, here's a sneak preview of Dior's spring 2011 collection. I've managed to buy one of the Cannage palettes on eBay and it's finally arrived (no thanks to the seller who didn't post it for 4 days after payment!). I've got #001 which is Dawn Grey, there is also another palette (#002) with brown shades. For details of the collection, click here

The palette comes in a black box with silver letters and silver CD logo. The palette itself is in a lovely quilted leather cover. It looks very similar to the holiday eye palette actually. The palette also has the letters D i o r hanging on the top left corner as charm. Inside there are 4 eyeshadows and a double ended applicator. The 4 eyeshadows are matte black, shimmery dark grey, shimmery light grey/silver and shimmery light pink. The texture of the eyeshadows is lovely, the black shade is really pigmented, soft and not at all chalky. Shame goes to the dark and light grey shades. The light pink shade is a little different in texture, very sheer, it's definitely more of a highlighter, similar to the highlighter shades in the designer palettes. All in all it's a really nice palette, I'm looking forward to using it and also to getting the brown version. I love Dior eyeshadows and this one didn't disappoint either.

See more pictures and swatches after the jump! 

 Swatches without flash (indoors)

Swatches with flash


  1. Love those colours. I'm becoming fascinated with Dior products despite having never purchased anything from them.... yet x

  2. I will change the link for you. Beautiful palette :o)

  3. That really reminds me of Lancome eye palette by L’Wren Scott!


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