Sunday, 19 December 2010

Another one for the collection: Chantecaille Starlight Face Powder

I was lucky enough to buy this beautiful limited edition Chantecaille powder on eBay for a pretty good price, brand new, so I thought I'd show it off. As you know, I collect Chantecaille compacts and palettes and if you haven't seen it yet, you can check out my gorgeous collection here

Starlight Face Powder, I believe was released 3 years ago as part of a set (that also included a lipgloss and eyeshadow), so it is now very rare. It is a beautiful shimmery powder that comes in a gorgeous gold compact and gold bag.

I think the shimmery top layer is just overspray, but don't expect me to ruin this gorgeous powder to find out because I won't! I know, I'm weird, but I prefer to keep these gorgeous powders untouched for my collection, so unless I find another one to use, it won't be touched for a while yet (ever?).

Anyway, not much more to say, so let's move onto the pictures!

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