Monday, 20 December 2010

Christian Dior Tailleur Bar eyeshadow palette and Serum de Rouge

Another limited edition collectors' item for you. I've recently purchased this gorgeous set on eBay (you gotta love eBay!) for a good price, to go with my existing Dior palette collection. (In case you haven't seen my impressive Dior eyeshadow stash, you can check it out here!) The set was produced in very limited numbers and it is very pretty. Comes in a white presentation box (also protected by a white sleeve) with a numbered booklet (mine is 352) that shows you the history of Tailleur Bar (Bar Suit) and an idea for a look you can create with the set.

The set includes a beautiful eyeshadow palette embossed with the legendary Tailleur Bar image and a Serum de Rouge in shade 470. I haven't swatched either of them yet, I'm too scared to ruin the palette, and the serum just looked so pretty (don't you just love the look of new unused lipsticks?). I do intend to use them eventually, but for now, I will save them.The eyeshadow palette has 2 shades of grey, a black, a dark blue and light pink, so it's certainly great for creating a smoky eye look. The medium pink Serum de Rouge is just the right shade for the lips to go with it.

I'm not really sure what more to add to this, so shall we just move on to the pictures?

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