Friday, 27 June 2014

NOTD: Picture Polish Solar Flame

I'm an absolute sucker for multichrome polishes and if they have some holo added to them, that's even better. So when I first heard about the release of Picture Polish Solar Flame (and the other gorgeous multichrome polishes in that collection, of which Borealis and Aurora are now sadly completely sold out as they were released in very limited quantities) I knew I had to have them all.

The first polish I've tried is Solar Flare which is a bronzy brown shade that shifts to khaki and gold and it also has scattered holo added to it. The holo isn't your regular holo, the particles seem to stand out and almost glow like stars. Absolutely gorgeous. I used it over a black base as it is very sheer, but this way two coats gave the perfect coverage. You could build it up on its own, but it would never be this bright and would take at least 4 coats.

Please excuse the messy paintwork, try to focus on the beauty of the polish instead. It is a stunner, right?

Picture Polish nail polishes can be purchased from their own website as well as many other international retailers. I normally buy mine from Rainbow Connection or Sally Magpies (they're both in the UK).

See more pictures after the jump!

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