Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My Current Favourites - Part 1 : Make Up

As it's been a long time since I last blogged frequently, I thought I'd put together a couple of posts about the products I currently use the most. I'm starting off with make up and will also show you some of my nail related favourites.

First up is Chantecaille White Tiger powder which is just possibly the most luxurious face powder you can find. In the picture below it looks a little sad as the gorgeous picture's almost completely disappeared, but you can see a picture of how it used to look here (need to scroll down a little). I love this powder, it's really nice, well, I guess it had better be anyway since it cost £88! It appears to have been discontinued now, which is a shame, but luckily I have a few back ups of it.

While still on the subject of face powder, my favourite brush to apply it with has been the Guerlain Meteorites brush. This particular one is an older, limited edition one, but they're pretty much all the same except for their colour.

See what else I've been loving lately after the jump!

I'm sorry about showing you another discontinued product, but I have been using a loving Mac Petal Power Mineralize Blush so much, I had to include it. It was part of A Fantasy of Flowers collection and of course has long sold out. It's a gorgeous pinky coral blush with a gold sheen, fairly sheer, but buildable.

The other blush I've been using on "pink days" is Bobbi Brown Pink Peony Illuminating Bronzing Powder. It's actually one of the products I'm showing that's currently available (on the Bobbi Brown website), so I'm not just a terrible tease after all! I have reviewed this on here before, well as part of a blush/bronzer duo, but it's the same product. The review can be found here.

Finally, my current favourite lipstick is Guerlain Rouge G in #48 Geneva which is part of the summer collection. It's a gorgeous bright coral shade, but it's actually not that in your face and very very pretty.

So there you go, these are the products I've been loving lately. Let me know what's been your favourite products?


  1. While looking for reviews of the Chantecaille tiger powder I came upon your blog, just want you to know, it's currently available on Chantecaille website in case you want to buy more backups. =)


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