Thursday, 5 June 2014

NOTD: Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish Cloudy Violet

I have another mani to show you, this time a holographic prettiness. This is Layla Cloudy Violet, a gorgeous dark burgundy-purple. Layla holographic polishes are have very strong rainbows, they are one of the strongest ones I have tried and for a while were one of the very few brands I'd owned. Now there are so many brands producing high quality holo polishes, I feel that these have become a bit more neglected in my stash, but I still love them.

In case you are wondering, my nails are shorter than in yesterday's post because this picture is over a year old. I'd already had a back up before I'd stopped blogging last summer, so I'm using those up as well as showing you my newer manis.

Here's a bottle shot for you as well. It's a pretty colour anyway, but it really comes alive in sunlight.

Do you like holographic polishes? Have you tried Layla? What are your favourite brands for holo polish?

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