Friday, 21 June 2013

Want It! Lancome L'Absolu Desir Collection for Fall 2013

Lancome are always coming out some gorgeous limited edition blushes and the fall collection is no different. Just look at that pretty powder! The rest of the collection is also nice, although I think I have enough lipsticks for the next 10 years, so I will probably skip them. There are also 3 nail polishes in the collection, but I think thopse are permanent shades. Kate Winslet is looking gorgeous in the promo pictures, very sophisticated and classy.

The collection is launching in August 2013.

See more pictures after the jump!



  1. omg, it's a beautiful collection. I think I'll try and get that blush when it comes out xx

  2. I saw the promo pics for this on Monday and am loving the packaging. I want the powder blush and at least 2 of the lipsticks :)

  3. Now that's a blush that could certainly tempt me! Not sure I could ever actually use it though ;0)


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