Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Want It! Guerlain Voilette de Madame Collection for Fall 2013

Hello! Yes, I'm still alive. Sorry I've been MIA, I've had a very busy last few weeks and I've also seem to have gone off make up and blogging. I'm sure I will get my mojo back eventually, but until then, I'm afraid posts will be few and far between. Sorry.

For now I have images and details of Guerlain's upcoming fall collection named Voilette de Madame. A very classy, feminine and elegant collection with strong colours, absolutely beautiful. The star item is a stunning Blush G and there are some beautiful new Rouge G lipsticks and Gloss D'Enfer glosses, and a whole lot of new 2 colour eyeshadow palettes that are permanent additions to the line.

The collection is due out in August and these are the details:

Guerlain 4-Colours Blush – New & Limited Edition

Lipstick Rouge G – Limited Edition

#860 Madame Batifole – bright fuchsia
#861 Madame Flirte – pink red
#862 Madame Reve – deep pink

Lip Gloss D’Enfer- New Shades

#860 Madame Batifole – shimmery fuchsia
#861 Madame Flirte – shimmery red
#863 Madame Fascine – deep plum

Nail Lacquer – New Shade

#860 Madame Batifole – fuchsia

L’Ecrin 2 Couleurs Eyeshadow – New

#01 Two Rock
#02 Two Stylish
#03 Two Extravagant
#04 Two Gossip
#05 Two Candy
#06 Two Parisian
#07 Two Lovely
#08 Two Spicy

Eye Pencil

#01 Black Jack
#02 Jackie Brown
#03 Deep Purple
#04 Katy Navy
#05 Amber Silver

See lots more pictures after the jump!



  1. Hmmm, not so much for me this season! I will probably go for the eye pencils, but nothing else particuarly calling me.

    1. What??? No blush? That and the lipsticks are definitely on my must have list.

      On another note, I've noticed their single eyeshadows are on sale in Bentalls, I wonder if they will be discontinued and replaced by the two colour ones. I have to say, the singles are so massive, they don't make much sense (of course that didn't stop me from buying a good few of them!). :)

  2. Lol, no, no blush!! I'm not really ever into blush, and I've got more than enough with my (about) six! The lip colours are too 'pink'/'majenta' - I love orange/corals and they don't really seem to be there this time... I might go for the plum gloss, we'll see. I don't need eye shadows, and these aren't tempting enough to me. Now Dior - not normally a dior girl, but there are things there to tempt me :)


  3. Basszus, de szép ez a kollekció :)


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