Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sneak peak: Mac In The Groove collection eyeshadow in Style Influencer

I don't know about you, but I've been majorly excited about the new summer collection by Mac called In The Groove. As I am really into Mac's mineralize products (you can see photos of my Mineralize Skinfinish collection from last summer here) I cannot wait to purchase pretty much everything from this new collection. It's due out on 1st July in the UK, so not long to wait now. Collection details and product pictures can be found here. I was lucky enough to find one of the new eyeshadows on eBay, and I have to say I am very pleased with it. The texture of it is really smooth and buttery, not gritty or chalky at all, which have been the complaint about past mineralize eyeshadows Mac have released. I like all mine, but i have to say these are even better. The shade I bought is Style Influencer which has 3 colours: Satin silver, Pearly deep blue, Satin deep mauve brown (according to Mac), although I'd say the lightest shade is more white than silver, but it does have a silvery sheen. See swatches after the jump (now I've figured out how to do this! yay!)... The collection also includes 4 Mineralize Skinfinishes: Comfort, By Candlelight (both repromotes from last year's Warm & Cozy collection), Petticoat (repromoted for the second time) and the infamous Stereo Rose. You can find pictures and swatches of it over here. I will post about my haul from In The Groove once I have it - hopefully Thursday- so stay tuned!


  1. Yeah, I hope it really is coming out on Thurs and isn't delayed. I don't want any of the e/s anymore. Well actually, maybe just In The Groove.

  2. Me too! I remember Colour Craft was due out a week before the US and in the end it didn't come out until the following week, but I'm hoping this will be different especially as we've had a few collections before the US lately.

    Why don't you want the eyeshadows? What's on your list instead?


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