Monday, 28 June 2010

Bobbi Brown Beach and Pink Oyster Shimmer Bricks

There was one more thing I'd been planning to write a review about, and it is the infamous Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks. As you know I'm partial to highlighters and also collect these lovely compacts. Bobbi Brown has released two shimmer bricks with the latest Beach Club collection, although unfortunately one shade was only released in Asia (however, thanks to the very kind Stephanie on MUA, I could get my hands on one). The rest of the world got Beach which has bronzy, natural shades. Pink Oyster - the Asian exclusive - has lighter, pinky shades. While Beach could work as a bronzy blush, Pink Oyster is definitely a highlighter, even for the lightest skintones. It mostly reminds me of Pink, a permanent shade, but if anything it's even lighter. Beach is a cross between Bronze and Nude.
Beach Shimmer Brick
See pictures of Pink Oyster and my shimmer brick collection after the jump.
Pink Oyster Simmer Brick
I collect shimmer bricks and have every shade released, in total 17, although I have Nectar twice because I first bought the small, hugely overpriced version that came out last year (together with Plum and Sandstone (repromote)). Wish I'd known Nectar was going to be released in full size, because those teeny tiny versions cost really silly money. Hohum. Anyway, I love my collection of shimmer bricks and am always keen to add to it. Do I use them much? Honestly, no, but they are so pretty, I can't not get them. :D
Top row: Copper Diamond, Gold, Bronze, Nude, Pink Quartz Second row: Beach, Nectar, Brownie, Sandstone, Apricot Third row: Platinum Pink, Peony, Pink, Pink Oyster, Beige Bottom row: Rose, Tawny, Plum, Nectar


  1. interested in buying the peony i have been looking everywhere for it

  2. Pretty!! I love your collections - I have about five of these; I think my favourite is that Beach one. I had one (can't remember the name, but it was beautiful) that just shattered in my bag - haven't carried one out with me since then.


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