Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Hitting pan

I always find it quite funny reading about other bloggers' excitement when they hit pan on their beauty products. But strangely it is a great feeling to be near to finishing skincare or make up products (unless of course what you're about to finish is something now discontinued, hard to find, irreplacable for you), perhaps a way of showing those who disapprove of our obsession/addiction that yes, we do use the products we've spent all that money on. Or even to prove ourselves that it was money well spent after all. And of course there's the justification to go out and buy more beauty products!
I have a lot of skincare products and even more make up, so I don't tend to finish products all that often. However, I have recently "hit pan" on loads of skincare and make up items, so this gave me the idea for this post.
Read more and see photos of products I have "hit pan" on (not literally though as some are in tubes and pots, not pans).
As you can see these are products that I use pretty much every day. Eyeshadows, eyeliners, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, lipsticks, lipglosses I have never "hit pan" on (except one or two lipsticks over 10 years ago when I only had maybe 7-8 of them) and probably never will since I have so many of them and I don't use any particular one of them all the time. Which does leave me with the question: do I really need backups for anything in my collection?!? What have you "hit pan" on lately? Have you finished anything? Will you re-purchase it?


  1. I agree, it definitely feels good to "hit pan" on beauty items; seems to justify my spending, ha! I've hit pan on my: Smith's Rosebud salve, Lancome Blush Subtil (I can't even read what color it is anymore because I've had it for so long), and The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion. Don't think I'll be repurchasing any of these items just yet, just because I have many more things to finish still!

  2. I've hit pan on so many items recently! My mum keeps shaking her head at how much I spend on make up nowadays, so it's a great feeling to show her certain products and go, "Look, I've used it!" :P

  3. I have hit pan on my laura mercier concealer, a few mascaras and an eyeshadow with a name that escapes me. I've also run out of several skincare items--lancome aquafusion, clinique superdefense and soon lancome genefique. I also run out of eye makeup remover, wipes and cotton balls all the time.


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