Friday, 26 March 2010

My stash and new storage pictures

A while ago I posted pictures about my storage solutions (see here), but as I've just rearranged some of it, I thought I'd post pictures of it. I have a very big collection, and most of it is actually stored in boxes and make up bags/cases, and drawers all over the place, but I do have some of it in storage units with drawers on top of my chest of drawers. I keep all my Mac make up in them (except for a few back up MSFs and lip products) and also most of my face products. I have a big 6-drawer-unit which is mainly for my Mac stash and high end lipglosses which don't fit into my lipgloss bozes due to their size. I also have two 3-drawer ones that have non-Mac face powders, blushes, lip palettes, longlasting lip colours, some eyeshadows and spare foundations in them.

I also have two small 4-drawer units that house my eyeshadow primers, concealers, eyepencils, liquid eyeliners, mascaras, spares, and GWP face creams. You will see that I have a lot of face products (primers, lotions, etc.) and tons of perfumes on top of my chest of drawers too, it all looks a bit chaotic, but it's about as organised as can be. :)

My lipsticks and lipglosses are kept in several boxes under my chests of drawers, and my drugstore lipglosses are stored in a small 4-drawer unit in the downstrairs cloakroom. I need a new box for my lipglosses as I'm running out of space, I tend to use icecream tubs, so need to eat lots of icecream (Cornish Cream tubs are the best!) so I have a new empty box for my lipglosses. :)

Here are a couple of slideshows and some pictures of my storage solutions and some of my stash. I didn't update the second one, I have slightly more glosses in it, but the idea is the same.

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