Saturday, 2 February 2013

Another No-Buy Update

I'm trying to think how long it's been since I started my no-buy, I think it's 4 months now.This time I can honestly say I've done well. Last month I decided I wasn't going to buy any nail polish for a month and I did it - well almost. I actually only gave in to temptation at the very end of the month when I ordered the new Color Club holographic nail polishes. They only arrived on the 1st February, so they don't count, right? Just kidding. I also picked up a Butter London nail polish and lipgloss set (Shambolic) in TK Maxx on the last day of the month, but for £9.99 it would've been rude not to, right?

Other than that I only bought 3 new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains (still to be reviewed) because I like the first one I tried out, so I really wanted to get a few more.

I guess that's not too bad, is it? I'm actually planning on continuing with being very strict with my nail polish purchases, the only ones I really have my eye on are the new China Glaze Hologlam collection polishes, I just love holographic polishes and I can't possibly not buy those.

Now if only I could say no to eyeshadows and pretty powders... But then what would I blog about they in day out?


  1. You've done really well! I bought quite a lot last month but it was my birthday, going to have a bit of a break for a while now and enjoy what I've got! x

  2. You did good! I'm very interested in the CC holographics but I'm waiting until they are sold individually. :) xo

  3. Congratulations on doing so well :D I'm on an almost no buy period. I can only buy something, if I don't have anything that's similar in my stash. The problem is, I just saw the press release for the new Catrice polishes, and omg, I already want like half of it :D Will have a hard time to resist.

  4. o wow! I love holo finishing so I'm extremely jelaous of these beauties now :(


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