Sunday, 11 November 2012

NOTD: Mac Everything That Glitters

Once again I got lured into buying a Mac nail polish, even though they're not famous for their quality. I bought Everything That Glitters from the Glamour Daze collection because it looked so sparkly and pretty in the bottle, even though I knew it would disappoint me.

Taken without flash in natural daylight

The sparkliness in the bottle didn't seem to translate to the nails, the formula was weirdly thick and it chipped on me within 24 hours. Not just one little chip, but 4! And now, on day 2 it's almost completely peeled off my right thumb. The thick formula at least helped to make it opaque in just two coats and it did dry fairly quickly, so that wasn't too bad, although application wasn't very easy due to the formula. It looked a bit flat without top coat, so I used Seche Vite on top of it and that made it much shinier. Still it didn't look very sparkly despite all the glitter in it. I'm now wishing I'd have bought either Butter London Black Knight or Zoya Storm (I can't compare as I don't own either of them, but they've both had good reviews).

Mac nail polishes cost £11 for 10 ml. Everything That Glitters is (of course) limited edition. For me I think this was the last Mac polish I've purchased. There's too much nicer stuff out there to bother with Mac polishes.

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Taken with flash


  1. Ah crap, I hate when this happens! I'm sorry this polish was a waste :/

  2. What a shame - I haven't bought a Mac polish for ages - I think the last one was the one from the Villainous Villains - Mean and Green.


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