Friday, 10 August 2012

Want It: Orly Flash Glam FX Collection for Summer 2012

I have been on a massive nail polish kick lately and have bought probably over 100 polishes. I've actually got into the habit of painting my nails every 2-3 days, so I am slowly getting through them, but probably will take another 6 months or so to use every new nail polish I've bought. Regardless, I have spotted a new Orly collection of 22 glitter top coats (plus a black nail polish) that I really love and will be buying a good few from.

The collection contains 22 glitter top coats in different coloured and shaped glitters, there are holographic, bar shaped and round glitter in varying sizes:

  • Ultraviolet
  • Right Amount of Evil
  • Spazmatic
  • Cupcakes and Unicorns
  • R.I.P.
  • Atomic Splash
  • Watch It Glitter
  • Embrace
  • Monster Mash
  • Go Deeper
  • It’s a Meteor
  • Ridiculously Regal
  • So Go-Diva
  • It’s Electric
  • Be Brave
  • Too Fab
  • Holy! Holo!
  • Sunglasses at Night
  • Mermaid Tale
  • Can’t be Tamed
  • Rocket’s Red Glare
  • Sashay My Way

Based on the official information and the swatches I've seen so far, I want Cupcakes And Unicorns, Be Brave, Sunglasses At Night, Holy Holo!, Sashay My Way, and maybe Ultraviolet. For now anyway.

They are $10 each on the Orly website and I have found a UK stockist who is going to sell them for £8.29 each (they're due to be launched mid-August), but I have also found a seller on eBay who has them for $6.25 plus shipping which makes one bottle cost £6.88 or less if you order more than one. One bottle contains a massive 18 ml, so it's great value for money. 

See more details after the jump!

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