Saturday, 18 February 2012

My Chanel Spring Collection Haul Part 3 - Glossimer 161 Bagatelle

As well as my Paradis Rouge Coco, I also picked up one of the Glossimers from the Chanel spring collection. I opted for Bagatelle which is a medium pink with lots of gold sparkles. I have a big collection of Glossimers, probably over 30, so I wasn't sure if I needed any of the 3 new ones, but I don't have anything very close to Bagatelle and it gives a nice colour unlike the other two that are mostly just shimmer.

Glossimers are one of my favourite lipglosses (together with Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipglosses and Yves Saint Laurent Golden Glosses) as they are non-sticky, but still last quite a long time and feel very comfortable on my lips. I have loads of different colours, but the pink ones always suck me in. There are some nicely pigmented ones in my collection and Bagatelle is one of them. It's only light to medium pink, so nothing bright, but it does give a nice colour and sheen to my lips. At £20 it's not cheap, but you get a good amount (5.5g) for your money.

See more pictures including swatches after the jump!

Taken with flash

Taken without flash in natural daylight
Finally here's a lipswatch:


  1. Beautiful shade. I only have one Glossimer in a similar pink shade (83) and it's one of my favourite glosses both for the texture and colour. My next gloss will definitely be another Chanel!


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