Monday, 20 February 2012

Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel Review

Zero blackheads in 1 step! At least that's what Ginvera claims this gel does. I have lots of blackheads and I have tried a lot of scrubs and other ways of reducing their number, sadly to no avail. So when I had the opportunity to try out Ginvera's Marvel Gel I jumped right in.

Did it work? Sadly, no. And to be honest I don't even see how it would. What you have here is basically a smooth green gel that you have to massage onto your face that then gathers into little clumps (which is apparently the dead skin it removes), then you wash it off and you're supposed to be left with clearer skin. I don't know how it works, what it is that clumps up, whether it is the gel or it really is dead skin, although to be honest I'd be quite alarmed to find all that skin coming off my face every day. I used this religiously for about 10 days and I'm pretty sure I still have the same amount of blackheads I did before.

The gel also claims to rub away deep layers of dead skin cells (again, how deep can that layer be???), contract pores for refined skin (not for me it didn't), lighten black spots, freckles and scars (nope), remove oil seeds (I don't even know what that means), regulate sebum secretion to prevent pimples (my skin is not oily right now at all, so it's hard to judge, but I did get spots while using this anyway), brighten dull complexion (not really), change dark rough skin to smooth skin (not for me), whitens skin (I don't actually want white skin, I'm pale enough already) and enhance quick absorption of skincare products (I can't really comment on this). So as you can see a lot of claims, but not really any result for me. In fact I'll go as far as saying this did nothing to me AT ALL. So I would definitely not recommend this to anyone.

60 ml of this gel normally costs £24, although at the moment it's reduced to £18 (plus p&p) and is available from Janiro, the new UK distributor of Ginvera products.You can also request a free sample if you don't want to commit to buying the full size product by clicking here.

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This is how it clumps up after rubbing it on the skin

*The product featured in this review was sent free of charge for consideration, however all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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