Friday, 10 June 2011

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Eye Shadow 31 Rose Envolee

I first saw images of this gorgeous eyeshadow quad over on The Beauty Look Book and the beautiful swatches convinced me that I need it. This eyeshadow quad was an Asian exclusive (aren't always the most beautiful things Asian exclusives?), so I had to try and track it down on eBay. Fortunately I found it at a pretty good price ($2 over the rrp) and I'm now the proud owner of Rose Envolee.

This gorgeous eyeshadow quad contains a shimmery peachy pink colour, a soft satin white, a dark chocolate brown with purple and blue shimmer and a beautiful rosy pink with slight shimmer. It has the European baked formula which means it can be used wet as well as dry for more intensity. I found the shadows swatch very easily and they are pretty pigmented, especially the beautiful brown shade. I haven't used this yet, but am looking forward to using it soon.

Se more pictures and swatches after the jump!

Without flash under indoor lighting

With flash

Without flash in natural daylight

Without flash in bright sunshine


  1. Do you think it is worth the price? I am considering buying this one as well, but I think it looks a lot like the Christmas 2010 edition. Love your blog by the way! A huge inspiration!

  2. Thank you! :) I never thought it was similar to Tentation Cuivre, but I can see your point. I think that quad is warmer with 2 browns and a paler pink, whereas Rose Envolee is cooler, the dark brown is more purpley and the pink is brighter and rosier. Plus there's only one brown. I do think it's worth getting, but it depends on your priorities, Chanel is expensive and if you want a variety of colours, you might want to pass on this. I love it though.

  3. Looks gorgeous! Pinks and purples are my fave, but I am on total "no-buy" right now!!!

  4. Hey there, just a quick question, does all the non-us versions of the chanel quads (i.e. the round pan ones) only contain 1.2g of product? Thanks alot! :)

  5. @Susan Yes, they only contain 1.2g because it's a totally different baked formula, so I guess it's very light. But you still get loads, so I don't feel like we're short changed.

  6. I have wanted to buy that for a long time. I do not even like Chanel but those colors on your swatch look so beautiful that they make my stomach sick. Every single color is perfect which I find really rare in palettes. Usually there is at least one color that I do not like.

  7. Gorgeous. I am so over Chanel for years ago, but Chanel tends to come out with gorgeous color combinations. I enjoy the shimmery look in Chanel shadows, which strangely, never enhances the wrinkles at all. Some frosty shadows do that but Chanel is just shimmery. I have managed to talk myself out of many Chanel quads but I am so weak for pinky nudes and rosy shades for my green/blue eyes. I might just need this one.


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