Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Accessorize Baked Trio Eyeshadows Review and Swatches

I am really happy with my recent Accessorize purchases and today I would like to show you the baked trio eyeshadows that I'd already talked about in my video (check it out if you haven't yet). There are 8 new baked trio eyeshadows in the range and I have 4 of them to show you. These are absolutely massive at 12.5 g each, so you don't have to worry about not being able to pick out the individual colours with your brush. As usual, they come in the lovely butterfly decorated compact.

The four shades I bought are Astonishment (greens), Blown Away (blues), Shameless (pinks) and The Good and The Bad (browns). If I remember correctly there was a lighter brown trio, a grey one, a purple one and one with bright pink, purple and white. All very pretty, but to me these stood out. (I also loved the purple one, but I managed to pick up a duo with a gorgeous purple none of the shades in the purple trio could compete with, so I passed on it. I will show you the duos tomorrow, but you can also see them in the video.)

I really like these baked trio eyeshadows. They seem quite hard in the pan, but despite that they have a good colour payoff and apply very easily. The swatches you'll see below are all one-swipe swatches. I have only used them dry so far, but they can be used wet too. The eyeshadows are quite frosty and some of them have some very fine glitter too. I have not really experienced any fallout with them (I have so far used 3 of them), if there was a bit, it was only during application (they are quite powdery), but absolutely none later. I also didn't experience any creasing either (I wore them on top of my Barbara Daly eyeshadow base).

In the video I'm wearing Blown Away, and I have also included some pictures of the look I created with Astonishment. I wore Shameless yesterday and really liked the look (medium pink on the lid, dark mauve in the crease and light pink on browbone to highlight), but didn't managed to take pictures as I had my children at home and it was so hot anyway that my face wasn't too photogenic with all the sweating. The eye makeup stayed pretty much flawless despite the heat though.

As I said above these are massive at 12.5 g and cost £6 each. Available from Superdrug and Accessorize. They're not on the Accessorise website yet, but hopefully they'll appear soon.

See more pictures and swatches after the jump!

Astonishment, Blown Away
Shameless, The Good and The Bad

Astonishment, Blown Away (with flash)

Shameless, The Good and The Bad (with flash)

Astonishment, Blown Away (without flash under indoor light)

Shameless, The Good and The Bad (without flash under indoor light)

Astonishment, Blown Away (without flash in natural daylight)

Shameless, The Good and The Bad (without flash in natural daylight)

Finally a couple of pictures of me wearing Astonishment (lighter green on the lid, darker green in crease, highlighter shade on browbone):

Wearing Astonishment

Wearing Astonishment

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