Thursday, 31 March 2011

Sorting through my mascaras part 3 - My favourites

I have shown you a few mascaras from my stash, both goods and bads (click for part 1 and part 2), and now it's time for me to show you my favourites. First up is Guerlain Le 2 Mascara (I have already reviewed a limited edition colour here) in Noir 2 Noir (Black). It is a double ended mascara with a thicker wand with small spikes for the upper lashes and a small thin wand with small bristles for the lower lashes. I find this mascara really good for my short, thin, sparse lashes, they come out looking long (well it's all relative, but you know) and nicely curled. The mascara is pricey (£25), but I can honestly say it is the best mascara I have ever tried. Love it. I also own it in blue, violet, black waterproof, and several limited edition shades. I also think the mascara itself looks so classy and doubles up very nicely as a magic wand should your children need one. ;)

Guerlain Le 2 Mascara

The bigger brush for upper lashes: 

The smaller brush for lower lashes:

Find out which other mascaras I love after the jump!

Next up is another pricey mascara (sorry about that, I am high maintenance), but I will also compare it to a high street / drugstore brand which might suit some budgets better. It is the very unique Phenomen'eyes mascara by Givenchy. I know some people find it hard to use, but I love it. The spikey ball brush does look weird, but it also works really well for my small, thin lashes, I find it very useful for reaching the corner lashes and bottom lashes and never had any trouble with the brush. The formula is also very good, it lengthens and curls, although it is a bit slow to dry, so can smudge slightly, and it is not very easy to remove at the end of the day. I've heard from others that they found Guerlain Le 2 mascara hard to remove, but honestly, that's no problem, however I do have to rub my eyes more to get this one off. Still it's worth it as it is a great mascara. This one costs £20. I also have it in Turquoise (waterproof) and Purple (Effet Extension, the lengthening version).

Givenchy Phenomen'eyes

Finally we have L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion, which is basically the high street / drugstore version of Givenchy's Phenomen'eyes mascara. It's actually a pretty good copy, especially formulawise, although the wand I find harder to use because it is just too long and thin and bendy. The Givenchy wand is nice and stumpy and sturdy, and that makes it easier to use. The brush isn't exactly the same, I prefer the Givenchy one, but the different isn't massive and if you want to save £8.71 (which isn't that much though is it?), it's worth trying out. I also found the L'Oreal version easier to remove and it didn't smudge at all. This mascara costs £11.29. 

L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion

Finally a couple of pictures showing the difference between the wands:

L'Oreal (left) vs. Givenchy (right)

L'Oreal (top) vs. Givenchy (bottom)
Finally, you can see me wearing Guerlain Le 2 and Givenchy Phenomen'eyes mascaras here and below is a picture of me wearing L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion:

And this concludes my mascaras series, although I have to admit, I still have many mascaras sitting in my drawers, opened and unopened, waiting to be tried, tested or thrown out.


  1. Really interesting post, I don't suppose there is any chance of pics of them on the eye? x

  2. Hi Claire, Check out this post, it includes 2 of the 3 (Guerlain Le 2 and Givenchy Phenomen'eyes, plus Givenchy Eye Fly from part 1(?)):
    Not sure if I have photos of me wearing the L'Oreal mascara but will try to do one later.

  3. I noticed you have an interesting nail design. Is it from China Glaze or OPI? It is extremely hard to get one of those in the US.

  4. It's actually Boots 17, I'm planning to do a review either tonight or tomorrow, so be sure to check back later!


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