Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Laura Mercier Silk Road Spring Collection Eye and Cheek Palette

When I saw the photos of Laura Mercier's spring collection, I knew I wanted to get this palette, as I love purples very much (I'm wearing purple eyeshadows right now). I was lucky enough to buy it one day before it's official release because I asked at the counter since it wasn't out yet, but they'd already had it in the drawers, so they let me take one. It launched on Saturday 15th January (in the UK).

This is a limited edition palette featuring 4 eyeshadows and 2 powder blushes. I'm not too sure if all the shades are new and/or limited edition, but I definitely didn't own any of them. Palace Pink blush is a light pink shimmery blush, probably works better as a highlighter. Persian Rose is a lovely pinky coral blush with good pigmentation. The four eyeshadows are all pretty shimmery and frosty, except for Regal Violet which has beautiful pink specs of glitter in it in the pan, but it doesn't seem to transfer onto the skin, it just comes out as very dark and a bit dull purple. Maybe using it wet would help. The other shades are lovely, especially Rare Taupe and Lavender Silk, but Golden Sands is a bit sheer (would make a good highlighter though). The palette costs £37 and it's a good deal considering that one eyeshadow costs £18 (although the Laura Mercier single eyeshadows are 2.6g whereas the eyeshadows in this palette are 1.4g each, but you also get two 3.4g blushes).

See more photos and swatches after the jump!

Palace Pink, Regal Violet, Golden Sands, Rare Taupe, Lavender Silk, Persian Rose (indoors with flash)

Palace Pink, Regal Violet, Golden Sands, Rare Taupe, Lavender Silk, Persian Rose (natural light on cloudy day)

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